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Proceeds from the bake sale can help fund equipment upgrades, community initiatives, or other department needs. Each team must work together to pull the fire truck a certain distance in the fastest time possible. To raise further funds, sell refreshments, t-shirts, and commemorative merchandise, and consider organizing additional activities such as live DJ or band, face painting, or raffles. Award prizes to the winning team and celebrate community and firefighter connections.
Even though fundraising events like galas and concerts can be a lot of fun, sometimes what your supporters need the most is the chance to take a breather and relax. Host a meditation night to help your supporters check-in with their mental health and prioritize self care. Since then, it’s become a popular (and viral!) way to raise money. Instead of just donating to Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas , supporters can spread awareness about an organization’s cause by dumping ice-cold water on themselves and filming the act. In-kind donations are products or services that companies and individuals give to charitable organizations.
However, if your department is looking for a fundraiser that requires little preparation, these classic fundraiser ideas for fire departments are great options. Nonprofit Point is the collection of valuable resources for nonprofits which ultimately helps them increase donations, acquire donors and manage their nonprofit seamlessly. Leverage the unique experience of a firehouse by creating a temporary escape room inside your fire station. Keep the puzzles exciting yet safe, ensuring no hazardous equipment or genuine emergency signals are activated. Set a time limit for participants to solve the clues and puzzles, charging a fee for entry, with the proceeds benefiting the fire department. Ensure all firefighters are equipped with necessary safety gear and visible clothing.
That way, you can put your budget into creating a great atmosphere for your attendees. In a nutshell, social fundraising enlists the fundraising help of your current supporters and empowers them to ask for donations on your behalf. Charge a small admission fee for the event and set up a general donation table or booth. Have a staff member stationed at the table to answer any questions that attendees might have and give them more information about how to get involved and support your nonprofit.
By partnering with a mobile giving service provider like Snowball, you’ll receive a unique text giving number and be able to choose unlimited keywords! Then, start promoting your text-to-give campaign far and wide so that your supporters know how to get involved. Alex Smith, a Boy Scout from Troop 500 in Lebanon, Ohio, chose to build a gear drying rack for the Lebanon Fire Department for his Eagle Scout project.
Instead of simply dropping change into a container, donors toss change into an upside-down umbrella hanging from the ceiling. You could try to organize this as a permanent installation somewhere public and create a quirky, artistic and fun way to donate small change. A beer pong tournament where players pay to enter the game and play for a shot at glory (and a prize) harks back to college dorm days. Up the stakes and have people sponsor players in a fear pong tournament, where a dare is placed under each cup and the cup can be saved if the dare is fulfilled. A simple event, place several tanks at a location and encourage people to donate their pennies. Add the competitive element by assigning some character or theme to each tank to see which gets filled first.
Rent a venue and set up a winter-themed New Year’s party complete with dining and dancing. You could even work with a caterer to come up with signature cocktails that are a nod to your cause. Charge attendees an admission fee and ask local businesses to sponsor your tables, and then ring in the New Year with a special performance or balloon drop. Set different teams against one another on the field and offer a small prize for the winners, like passes to the community pool or a gift certificate for ice cream.
Held at the Marshall Fireman’s Park, the Fireman’s Festival is an annual two-day event. In addition to requiring no small amount of planning, the event also has to be exciting to bring in a crowd, so Chris and his fellow firefighters try to keep things interesting. Hire slot machines, play cards, get a roulette table, and offer cocktail.
Prizes for those who complete the activity in the shortest amount of time. Invite local photographers and artists, amateur and professional alike, to exhibit their work at your fundraiser. Charge a small entry fee and see if you can collaborate with the artists to allow a commission to be donated on any artwork sold.