The Best Time to Hold a Middle School Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love a delicious dining experience to celebrate Mother’s Day while supporting their school? middle school fundraising ideas -friendly option requires very few volunteers in order to execute. A classic option, setting up a Book Fair has never been easier, thanks to the digital age.
This is usually more successful when you have a tight-knit community. Host a trivia night one evening where parents, players, and coaches can come together and enjoy some healthy competition. You’ll even have the opportunity to create merchandise for this event. Get a few members of the team to help out while you teach young children the game of basketball for a fixed per-person fee. Virtual performances work great and can be used to highlight school music groups, marching bands, and choirs.
Don’t forget to award the person with the closest guess a prize at the end of your fundraiser. Be sure to share your school’s mobile giving number and text-to-give keyword far and wide⁠—including on social media, physical displays, event materials, and more. And when people are knowledgeable about matching gifts, research shows that they’re significantly more likely to donate and to donate in larger quantities. Thank you again for all your help with the candle fundraiser! I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with our fundraiser! I got our shipment and I am very appreciative and thankful for how easy this was for our team to generate funds.
You can set a deadline for the event, add tax-deductibility information to each ticket level, accept donations from the ticketing form, and more. You also get to embed the ticketing form on your website instead of using the Donorbox-hosted event page. With this powerful tool, possibilities are endless and your event revenue is sure to rise. Start the planning process early on since picnics can take a while to organize. ​A 2019 study by the Literacy Trust found that children are reading less than ever before, with just 26% of children under age 18 spending time reading each day. To help students discover a love of reading—while raising funds for your good cause—sponsor a read-a-thon.
This type of drive can also be done with toys, clothes, and more. The ease of text-to-give (and the prevalence of cell phones) makes this the perfect fundraiser to do among parents or even among high school students. Snowball’s guide to text-to-give can help you run a successful first-text fundraiser. Hopefully, you’ve determined how much money your group needs.
The event’s admission tickets or vendors can go towards your cause. Art auctions put the spotlight on the artist community in your region. There’s always room to involve young budding artists such as children from schools or other talented individuals to showcase their unique talents. You can feature installations, pottery, paintings and auction them off to a community of art-lovers.
Alternatively, create a Little Free Library with a donation box for an educational cause. These tiny neighborhood libraries encourage community building, book access, and readership for all ages. Join the 100K+ libraries worldwide with this fundraising idea.
Ask a local restaurant owner to host a percentage night or tip jar fundraiser on behalf of your team. In a percentage night fundraiser, the restaurant would donate a percentage of its sales to your team. With a tip jar fundraiser, the restaurant would set out a tip jar at the register or host stand to collect donations.
Text-to-give and text-to-donate tools are one of the newer trends in fundraising and have become extremely popular in the nonprofit space. It gives your supporters the ability to make a donation to your charity, right from their phones. Let people know why you’re raising money, and get the word out by promoting your coffee bean sale online and posting flyers around the community. Coupon books are a classic fundraising idea, especially for community-based groups like churches and neighborhood associations. Reach out to local businesses to arrange special deals and promotions that will be available to the public only via your coupon books.